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Ums stone effect paint excellent weather resistance

Weather resistance is a key indicator for judging the quality of exterior paints. UMS stone effect paint has excellent weather resistance.
1. Stain resistance and color retention.
The UMS exterior varnish has excellent stain resistance and color retention.
The exterior varnish is applied to the surface of the building exterior wall, and the active material can be photo catalyzed by the excitation of sunlight to generate hydroxyl radicals with strong oxidizing ability, which can decompose oily pollutants and some inorganic substances. . The surface of the exterior varnish is super-hydrophilic, and the water is easy to wet. Therefore, dust, dust and other pollutants are more easily washed away by rain, and finally the paint film can be stained and cleaned. At the same time, it has been found through experiments that the product has good color retention performance and has the function of making the faux stone paint building last for a long time.
2. Natural colored sand
Natural stone coating is made of natural colored sand and has excellent outdoor weather resistance. It avoids some inferior stone wall paint from the source, which are often made of pigmented sintered sand. The long-term light will fade. At the same time, the use of natural colored sand enhances the high-end decorative effect of real stone texture.

3. High quality lotion
The UMS stone wall paint core material emulsion has high quality assurance, adopts reasonable formula structure and sufficient emulsion content, fully ensuring the water resistance, weather resistance and color retention performance of natural stone coating.